Introduction to the Northeast India

  • Assam
  • Arunachal Pradesh
  • Manipur
  • Meghalaya
  • Mizoram
  • Nagaland
  • Tripura

Are called as seven sister states  due to the great example of cultural diversity and harmony.They are combined with variety of ethnic thoughts , shared political values, number of tourist attractions,beautiful landscapes, festivals, traditions adds the charm to the Northeast India. The most important spices used in Northeast States are: Chilli Pepper, Bay leaves, Cardamom, Black Pepper, Ginger, Turmeric and Red Chilli powder.


 The cuisine of Assam is very unique and varies from any other cuisine, some of the ingredients are dried, fermented and then used for cooking. Rice and fish is the most important and very common dish.Rice is enjoyed as a snack, as a part of all meals, it is eaten as roasted ground, boiled and pre cooked. The most famous dish which is loved by the state itself is ‘Khar’ that can be made by vegetables,lentils,papaya,mustard leaves and meat or a combination of both as a main ingredient. Khar itself is a key ingredient that is prepared by filtering the water through the ashes of sun dried banana skin or banana tree branches.Assam also has options ranging from vegetarian,non vegetarian and sweet dishes tickle your taste buds.


If Hyderbad is called as a pearl of India then Arunachal Pradesh is called as the “Land of the Rising sun”. It is beautiful and consists of hills, plains and landscapes. the plathora of tribal culture makes the state very colourful and ethnic. After being a dancer myself what drew me closer is their folk dance like Aji Lamu, Chalo, Hiirii Khaniing,Popir make it rich.Due to the variety of tribes and tribal culture, their cuisine is influenced by Apatanis, Chuki, Adi and Nishi . The food varies within the region. Apong prepared from fermented rice or millet is a very popular beverage in Arunachal Pradesh. The staple food is rice along with fish,meat and wide variety of vegetables. Lettuce is one of the most important and common preferred vegetable. Bamboo shoot is used in almost every dish. Thukpa, Bamboo Shoots, Momos, Pehak and Ngatok and many more.


My search and make of food is affording great pleasure and adding a delightful meal to my list. The taste, the aroma mold me as a food fanatic. Food gives us an excellent opportunity to bond with people and one such bond I have found after going through Manipur is their Staple food which consists of rice, fish and lot of vegetables, which is not different from rest of the states however, Manipuri’s savor a lot of spicy food, they substitute chillies with garam masala. The taste is contrasting due to the usage of aromatic herbs and roots in their cooking. Most of their dishes do not use oil it is very uncommon. Some of the very popular dishes that are served in Manipur are Eromba, Ooti, Nga Thongba, Singju, Kangsoi, Chagem etc. They love eating a lot of greens and grow their own vegetables in their gardens. Their food is very healthy.


When I think of cooking, the thought which strikes my mind is it is adventurous.When I get the complimenting output then I consider it as mission possible. A satisfying snack on a cloudy day and what else one need so let us look into Meghalaya which is called as abode of clouds. The cuisine of Meghalaya is a home of three tribes and varies from the other six states of Northeast. We all know that India is very diverse, and comes with a combination of platters on board one such platter is Meghalayan cuisine.
The Staple food of Meghalaya is not different from the rest other NE states. It is again rice with spicy fish and meat with various combinations. You know what? the best Momos of India are only made in Meghalaya. Interesting you see. the popular food of Khasis and Jaintia are Jadoh, Ki Kpu. Pickled bamboo shoots is one of the most favorite dishes of the Meghalayans.


Eating food is essential for all of us. It gives us pleasure and also keeps us alive at the same time. Listening to music and singing is one of my favorite thing to do during my free time, I love being a song bird myself. Mizos are some of the finest choir singers of the country. If we talk of their food culture they are better known for growing their own food and savor the freshness. Food is one of the main attractions of the land of Mizos and equally beautiful. Their food is a combination of Chinese and North Indian cuisine that gives a distinct flavor. Do not expect Kebabs,Tandoor’s and Biryani’s. Mizroam’s cuisine comes up with wide variety of vegetables, fruits, fish, chicken, pork, beef and almost all their dishes are served on fresh banana leaves. They love adding non vegetarian to all their dishes. Nganam, Paaknam, maroi napaakpi, laphu tharo, awa phadigom and ngari are some of the popular dishes of Mizoram.


Having lived in United States for quite sometime I was in love with Nagaland cuisine when I read their love for smoked meat,bamboo shoots,chillies, pumpkins, flowers and many more. The Switzerland of East, Nagas are very loving and large hearted people. When it comes to cooking a meal they open their homes and serve the best out of their hands. Mizos are unique in their own ways. They pair their dishes with rice and a combination of vegetables and meat like rest of the states. Having immense love for pork and beef, Mizos also go few steps ahead and prepare sun dried meat or smoking meat which lends a unique flavor from their dishes. Hinkejvu, Akibiye, Smoked Pork in Akhuni, fish in Bamboo are some of the very popular dishes of Naga.


Food makes me complete, cooking large range of different cuisines is educating my skills. One of the very pleasant dishes I have read about is Tripura,their unique food culture speaks for itself. If I were to think of my country, the first thought that strikes my mind is service and a plate of delicious meal no matter which part of the country you are at.
Most of the Tripurians have a very unique dish called Berma, it is a type of fermented fish, which is the state’s favourite. It is cooked without using any oil. They are very heavier on the non vegetarian side. Some of their dishes have a chinese touch. Chauk, MwKhwi, Champrai, Gudok,Khalok, Utmai are some of the very popular dishes of Tripura.

Alright let’s dive into some of the authentic seven sister’s food….!!!